Ruta lonjsko polje balaton

Route Lonjsko Polje - Balaton

Lenght: 83,1 km
: 903 m
: 4/5

Macadem: 30%
Road: 70%
Single Track: 0%

Đurđevac - Banov Stol - Kamenitovac - Bjelovar - Nevinac - Stara Ploščica - Ivanska - Berek - Podgarić - Popovača

This route mostly passes paved county roads with little traffic, except in the part from Banov Stol towards Đurđevac, where it goes along a local macadam road via Bilogora and on a short macadam section of the County Road Ž-3085 at Stara Ploščica. More intense automotive traffic is only expected on the passage through Bjelovar from Trojstveni Markovac to Brezovac and between Ivanska and Berek. The route is mostly gently wavy and in a small part hilly, and is visually attractive with many beautiful views, especially between Berek and Podgarić, but also in the most rugged parts of the county from Moslavačka gora and Bilogora.

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