Ruta kruzna zupanijska

County route

Lenght: 200 km
1409 m
Difficulty: 2/5

Macadem: 10%
Road: 90%
Single Track: 0 %

Bjelovar - Nova Rača - Veliki Grđevac - Grubišino Polje - Ivanovo selo - Daruvar - Dežanovac - Garešnica - Gornja Garešnica - Čazma - Siščani - Bolč - Gudovac

The circular County route connects all five cities in the County and seven municipalities. From Bjelovar to Nevinac as well as a short section from Trnovitički Popovac to Gornja Garešnica, it crosses the International route, and on the shorter section between Siščana and Rajica passes through Zagreb County. Although the County route mostly goes along paved county roads with little traffic, the entire southern part of Čazma, via Garešnica to Daruvar, is located on the state road D-26. The county route is mostly mildly wavy and only partly flat - mostly in the western part of Bjelovar to Sišćan, and in the proximity of Garešnica and Grubišno Polje. The most attractive part of the route is between Čazma and Garešnica on the northern slopes of Moslavačka gora, while the attractiveness of the Garešnica-Daruvar section is significantly reduced by intensive automotive traffic.

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